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Jacqueline Battalora is one of the nations best advocates for issues of equity and social justice. Her keynote presentation at the White Privilege Conference, “The Invention of White People” brought the audience to their feet. Her ability to honestly address issues of white privilege, white supremacy, power, privilege and oppression head-on through factual analysis makes her training unique and vital. Her talks/workshops are challenging, informative and engaging, allowing for critical introspection, personal reflection and leaving people ready to move forward instead of feeling mired in frustration. Her work is essential to the field and her passion is contagious.

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., America & MOORE, LLC

Professor Battalora’s presentation on how American colonial elites deliberately constructed racial definitions to “divide and conquer” whole classes of people – creating a black underclass – answers many questions as to why our nation’s institutions and systems are inherently prejudiced and racist today. Battalora’s groundbreaking research and insights remind us to study history when trying to understand and unpack the present.

Jacqueline Battalora’s presentation was engaging and very enlightening. The work can only benefit those in the quest for racial equity and our doctoral students benefited immensely from talking with such an experienced professional. Additionally, community members were surprised and excited to have so many preconceptions about racial history unpacked. Professor Battalora’s book and lecture have sparked discussion throughout our community.

Race Awareness Training

Building upon lecture material, participants work to link the legal history explored with the present moment. The organization’s goals and mission as well as national ideals guide how the information presented is utilized to inform work, interactions, and community. The lectures below provide a core of knowledge around which the training is developed to address the needs of the organization.

Going Back to Go Forward

Explore when, where, how, and why the human category called “white people” was first used in law. The history exposes race as a construct and reveals a mindset that is foundational to the Unites States shaping every institution and workplace..

This lecture has the greatest impact on the front end of diversity and inclusion efforts. It helps people stay rooted in facts, dramatically diminishes defensiveness, and advances shared understanding.

How U.S. Law & Policy Divides Us Lecture

Learn about founding U.S. law that conferred unearned advantage and disadvantage ensuring that the lives of people would be dramatically different. The material exposes the roots of the white = American equation.

Intended to follow GOING BACK TO GO FORWARD and advance knowledge base well beyond the introductory level.

Sexuality & Race: Constructions of Difference Lecture

Learn about the similarities and divergences in the social construction of race and sexuality. This lecture draws upon the work of Johnathan Ned Katz and surfaces patterns in the constructive work of making human difference.

Ideal for those seeking to draw connections between structures of exclusion and inclusion.

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