Race in America: When Did We Become a ‘White Nation?’

This new book on race in America begins with the moment when “white people” as a separate and distinct group of humanity were invented through legislation and the enforcement of laws. It explains how the creation of this distinction divided laborers, and ultimately served the interests of the elite. It also examines how foundational law and policy were used to institutionalize the practice of white people holding positions of power.

This book demonstrates how the social construction and legal enactment of “white people” has ultimately compromised the humanity of those so labeled. Learn how and why America took this path in Birth of a White Nation:The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today.

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There is a problem in our midst and it is rooted deep in the human brain. The problem is with colorblindness as an ideal. Colorblindness is premised upon the belief that a human within the context of the United States can choose to not see human difference designated by race. Such a belief is contrary to science on the human brain.


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